At Primmer Steel, our team of experienced welders and boilermakers provide specialised steel fabrication and maintenance services specifically for government, mining and industrial sectors. Our steel fabricators construct walkways, viewing platforms, machinery guards and a range of steel products.

Further to this, we are experienced in rebuilding items for heavy concrete road paving machinery. Some of our past projects include the construction of numerous temporary steel walkways catering for different uses including gantry walkways, pier top and pile cap walkways.
We also provide:

  • Drafting & workshop drawings
  • RMS temporary works/roads & bridges
  • Temporary works/roads & bridges
  • Pave-off boxes
  • Stitch pour forms
  • Incrementally-launched bridge components
  • Launch nose modifications
  • Slip bearings
  • Temporary walkways
  • Full-bridge section moulds
  • Parapet forms
  • Transport
  • In-house delivery
  • Primmers Transport delivery service
For any queries regarding Primmer Steel and our steel fabrication products and services, please don't hesitate to call.